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Original - Princess Peach by ChristerD

Not bad, although it looks like you referenced from an official piece of art from the game Super Princess Peach, if I remember correctl...

The Shadow Sword Index

This is a story currently being written by wonderpikachu12. :nod:

If you haven't read it, you should. It's a great story so far. :nod: I'm creating an index so that it's easier to find chapters. :)

The Shadow Sword Index

Chapter One…
Chapter Two…
Chapter Three…
Chapter Four…
Chapter Five…
Chapter Six…
Chapter Seven…
Chapter Eight…
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven…
Chapter 12… :new:
Chapter 13 (Work In Progress, will update with a link once it's up.)


Commission Info (Open)

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 5, 2014, 4:10 PM
Commission Info (Open):…
My FAQ:…
Attention to my new Watchers, or if you are about to Watch me:…
Advertisement Journal:…

Commission Info 8214 by Zeldalina

(If you can signal boost this, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thank you. You can also reblog this post on Tumblr here >… )

You can find more examples of my work in my Art Tags on Tumblr.
You can also find more examples of my work in my dA Gallery:…

Method of Payment: PayPal only for now.

I’m opening headshot, bust, and ACEO commissions, because I need money badly for college, and other important things (Such as books for class and other important things). I’m hoping to make at least $350-$400 per month. This will cover a few necessary things, as well as help with tuition for school. I really need to be making money right now, else I’ll be in deep trouble. I’d rather not go into too many details, but if I’m not making money right now (Which I’m not), then I’ll be in serious trouble. :(


Sketch: $5 Inks: $10 Colored: $20 


Sketch: $10 Inks: $15 Colored: $25

Artist Trading Cards (ACEOs):

$10 each, one character, one color BG.
$5 for a sketch, one character each.

Digitally colored sketches:

Headshot + simple color BG: $30

Bust + simple color BG: $35

Note that these are per character, no background (Except for inked and colored Artist Trading Cards [ACEOs] and digitally colored sketches). All prices are in US Dollars ($ USD).

I am working in traditional media (Mechanical pencil, ink and colored pencil). I use Copic Multiliners and Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore 9x12 sketchbook paper for my inked and colored work, these materials are expensive and high quality. The prices you see account for cost of materials and my time. In case of artist trading cards (ACEOs), I use the same materials, just drawn on a smaller scale (2.5x3.5in cardstock). In the case of digitally colored sketches, the prices count for cost of materials + time.

What I’ll draw:

Original Characters

Fan Characters

Fan Art (If I’m not familiar with the series, I’ll need references!)

What I won’t draw:

Anything that’s NSFW (Not Safe for Work)


Furry (If the character(s) have cat ears, horns, wolf ears, or anything like that, that’s totally fine. I can’t draw full on furries though, or animals yet)


MLP/My Little Pony (Since I’m not too good at drawing animals yet)

I’m not as good at drawing characters with male features yet, but I’ll do my best.

Days that I’ll be working on and scanning commissions are Mondays-Saturdays. Sundays, I’m a bit busy to work on commissions and scan them. I’ll do my best to inform you all if something happens suddenly or in advance (Ex. I’m going out of town or am too sick to work on commissions, that sort of thing).

As the artist, I have the right to use the commission(s) I draw for you as examples for future commissions and to post to my DeviantART, Tumblr, and forums I’m a member of (For reference, the forums I’m currently somewhat or mostly active on are Zelda Universe and I also have the right to refuse a commission for whatever reason. If you don’t want your commissions posted online, please let me know!

As the commissioner, you have the right to use the work for noncommercial purposes (Such as printing out the drawing(s) and hanging them on your wall. That’s fine! What’s not fine is taking my hard work and selling prints of it, for example, or cropping out my signature and/or watermark).

Please DON’T remove my watermark and/or signature, or post the commission(s) anywhere without my written permission. I used my spare time and resources to draw something for you, don’t be a butt and not give credit and/or do those things mentioned above.

At this time, I can’t send out originals.

If you’re interested, please send me an email at  with this information:

Subject: Commission

PayPal Email: (This is very important so I know who to send the invoice to/request money from)

Tumblr URL/dA Username (So I know who you are):

Type of commission(s): Headshot (Sketch) (Inks), (Colors) Bust (Sketch) (Inks) or (Colors), or ACEO

Character information: Name(s), age(s), personality, clothing (If applicable), accessories (Such as earrings or necklaces etc), tattoos, birth marks, freckles, skin tone, hair type and hair color, etc. Art references would go here too. I can work off references and/or written descriptions.

Anything else I should know?

I prefer to be paid in full before I start a commission. This is so that I’m not scammed (Ex. I draw three full color busts and put them up, then am not paid for my work and the time that went into it) You can order up to three headshots, busts, and/or ACEOs at a time (Or a mix of the three). If you’re ordering headshots and/or busts and/or ACEOs that are to be inked and/or colored, I’ll send you a link to the sketch(es) for approval via email or whatever method of contact you prefer (Just let me know) before I ink and/or color in case anything needs to be changed.

If I’m not paid within 24-48 hours after you order commissions, I’ll have to open up the slot for someone else. If all slots get filled on Tumblr and dA, I can put you on a waiting list if you’re still interested.

Depending on the number of commissions I have and stuff that happens in my life, it may take a few hours to a couple of days (3-4 max usually, 1-2 minimum). I can get sketches and ACEOs done quickest.

When your commission(s) are complete, I’ll send a link and/or email with attached file(s) where you can download the high res 300 DPI scan(s) for noncommercial purposes.

You can check the status of your commissions (As well as the Waiting List) by looking at the Commission Status widget on my dA page or the Commission Status link on my Tumblr.

I’m opening three slots on Tumblr and dA for now.



2. Open

3. Open


1. Open

2. Open

3. Open

(Character used in the example colored bust belongs to sacredsturgeon, is his character, Marie Petite, which he commissioned me to draw)

  • Listening to: Orfeo Suite (Monteverdi, arr. William Picher)
  • Reading: Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan
  • Watching: My pencil doodle.
  • Playing: Nothing.


Artist | Varied
United States
These awesome people are my penpals~ :la: In no particular order, will be updated if I happen to get more penpals and such.


(I dunno if Sely actually counts cause I know her IRL, and knew her before she moved back to Finland. :lmao:)

Favourite genre of music: Classical, videogame, some Rock, etc. :)
Favourite photographer: Anyone who tries. :)
Favourite style of art: Any, except nude/sexual themes, and I'm not a huge fan of anime/manga
Operating System: Windows XP (Yeah, I'm old school, so what?)
MP3 player of choice: ipod and creative zen vplus
Shell of choice: Seashells and sand dollars.
Wallpaper of choice: Too many...
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to name. ^^;
Personal Quote: Take time on what you do. It's worth it in the end. - Me

Commission Status.

Here, you'll find information on the status of commissions, as well as the waiting list.

Commission Information:…

Completed Commissions:… /…

Commissions are Open.



1. Open
2. Open
3. Open


1. Failemyfalcon- (Finished!) Inked headshot of Egwene al'Vere from the Wheel of Time books. Com Egwene al'Vere headshot inks 81114 by Zeldalina
2. Open
3. Open

Waiting List:

SO. I made a Society6 recently, and have no idea what I should sell prints of. If any of you have any ideas or a specific piece you'd like, please let me know. X_x 

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